Welcome to SUGA

SUGA is an acronym for the SunGard Public Sector Users' Group Association, Inc.  We are an organization of SunGard Public Sector software users formed in 1988. Our goal is to further the continued improvement and expansion of SunGard Public Sector products and services. The purpose of SUGA is to advance the effective and efficient utilization of the SunGard Public Sector software applications, thereby ensuring these applications continue to maximize benefit to users.   Tools used in this pursuit are:

  • Close collaboration between SUGA and SunGard Public Sector executives, product managers, developers and trainers.
  • Promotion of free and open communication among software users.
  • Providing members with online application and product line discussion groups.
  • Sponsoring an annual International training, education, and networking event.
  • Sponsoring four annual regional training, education, and networking events.
  • Acting as the forum for suggestions relating to revisions and enhancements of SunGard Public Sector application software packages and development of new products through an online software enhancement request system called IDEAs.
  • Ensuring SUGA offerings are affordable by promoting coordination and cost sharing among members.
  • Acting as "One Voice" in helping SunGard Public Sector to remain aware of their customers’ needs and priorities.

Why Should You Join SUGA?

Why attend the SUGA International Training Event?