Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is the difference between "Member Login" and "My Account" links in the upper right corner of the site?

A:Member Login is for general database access, and allows you to look up other Agencys and Users..  My Account accesses the information for the person or agency logged in, and allows you to maintain your or your agency's information.

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Q:The old system had a higher security level for the main Contact, and there was no Agency.  Why the three levels of My Account access (Agency, Contact, User)?

A:The way the new system works, combining the Agency and Contact (like the old system) would allow for only one Contact.  In order for your organization to have a back up, your main contact would have had to share his/her password.

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Q:How do I get a login to the SUGA website?

A:Each member organization has at least one person designated as the main SUGA Contact for that organization.  This person can grant member access.  The SUGA board cannot make access decisions for your organization.

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Q:What Regional Training am I eligible to Attend?

A:All SUGA members are free to attend any training offered.  You are not limited to the training offered within your region.  There is also an annual International training offered in the May/June timeframe.

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Q:How do I update my account?

A:An instruction manual is being developed and will be posted as soon as it is available.

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How does my training account work?  How do I get my transcripts from training?


All SUGA sponsored training is entered into your transcripts.  Click Here for a PDF of the process.

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Q:How do I get access to the discussion groups?

A:Under the “Members” pull-down menu click on “Forums”.  The second paragraph on the page includes a link to request access to Discussion Groups.  Your request is then e-mail directly to a SUGA board member, and will be filled as soon as possible (usually within 1-2 days).  Once your request has been filled you receive an automated email with login directions.

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