About SUGA, Inc.

SUGA is an acronym for the SunGard Public Sector Users' Group Association, Inc., an organization of SunGard Public Sector software users formed in 1988 to further the continued improvement and expansion of SunGard Public Sector products and services. The purpose of SUGA's Mission is:

"It is the Mission of SUGA to promote open communication among all members, and between SUGA and SunGard Public Sector decision-makers regarding the enhancement and development of products, technologies, technical support, and strategies that will best meet the needs of SUGA members, as well as offer high quality educational experiences on all SunGard Public Sector product lines at the lowest possible cost to member agencies. This will be accomplished through:

  • Promotion of a SUGA website.
  • Promotion of training and networking opportunities through the Regional User Groups and the International Educational Conferences.
  • Hold educational conferences in the most cost effective venues available.
  • Any other means deemed appropriate by the board of directors, and by the membership."

In 1994 SUGA incorporated as a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization.  SUGA is separate from SunGard Public Sector. It operates under its own board of directors, elected from the membership.

Membership in SUGA is open to agencies and subdivisions of state and local government, to agencies of the Federal government, and to any other organization that is a current SunGard Public Sector customer and current with their maintenance agreement. The membership currently consists of over 680 organizations.

Here are some of the benefits of SUGA membership:

  • Ability to submit and rate ideas for revisions/enhancements (IDEAS) to the SunGard Public Sector products.
  • Reduced conference fees for the Annual SUGA Education Conference for all individuals in a member organization.
  • Opportunity to get involved as a SUGA Board Member or participate in other positions that may be available.
  • Your organization will have a vote in electing the SUGA Board of Directors (must be in attendance at the conference to vote).
  • Access to SUGA Members Only information on the SUGA website.
  • Ability of any individual in a member organization to participate in the Discussion Groups (email based topic areas for sharing questions and comments).
  • Networking opportunities with thousands of SunGard Public Sector software users.

Access to the members only section of this website, which includes discussion forums, quarterly newsletters, and more detailed descriptions of conference sessions.