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NaviLine Software User Listserv Access:
NaviLine Community Development - BP, PE, LM, OL, CE, TX, Parks, CAMA     314   Join/Leave
NaviLine Financials - GMBA, INFISYS, Payroll, Purchasing, FA, CR, AR, ER, Fleet 519   Join/Leave
NaviLine Justice - Justice System Applications 68   Join/Leave
Naviline Other - Cross-application, Technical, Integration, and Misc. 346   Join/Leave
NaviLine Public Safety - CAD, Crimes, Police, Fire/EMS, Court, Jails 194   Join/Leave
NaviLine Utilities - UT, CX, and Work Orders for Customer Service Purposes 420   Join/Leave
NaviLine WKM - Work Management users of WF, PZ, PR, PI, FM, CPR, and GIS Solutions 166   Join/Leave
 OSSI/PLUS/IFAS Software User Listserv Access:
 IFAS - (also known as ONESolution) - IFAS & ONESolution Financial Users  344    Join/Leave
 OSSI Public Safety - (also known as ONESolution) - OSSI & ONESolution Public Safety Users        142    Join/Leave
 PLUS Communities - PLUS Community Development Users  50    Join/Leave
 PLUS Finance - PLUS Financial Applications  64    Join/Leave
SUGA Administration Listserv Access:
SUGA Policy - General organization, conference and other isssues 343   Join/Leave