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In order to address SUGA member concerns regarding the use of forums, the current discussion groups will remain intact. They can be accessed through the links below (scroll down). In the meantime, your SUGA Board of Directors is working towards identifying a discussion forum that will fully meet the needs of membership. Thank you to everyone who offered their input on this issue.

Would you like to join or be removed from a discussion group?  Please complete and submit your request for processing.  As a reminder, discussion group usage is open to SUGA members only. 

NaviLine Software Users:

OSSI/PLUS/IFAS Software Users:

  • IFAS -also known as ONESolution - IFAS Financial Users (252 subscribers)
  • OSSI Public Safety - (129 subscribers)
  • PLUS Communities - PLUS Community Development Applications (37 subscribers)
  • PLUS Finance - PLUS Financial Applications (42 subscribers)

SUGA Administration:

  • SUGA Policy - General organization, conference and other isssues (352 subscribers)

The Listserv features archives that contain all SUGA Listserv messages. The archives group contains the full messages by month and subject. The entire archives is sortable and searchable by Subject, Sender, and Date.




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