The Northeast SUGA covers the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine

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East 2014 SUGA Training Event (Including the previous Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern regions.)

The following resolution was ratified by voting members at the East conference.


SUGA, the Regional Users’ Groups (RUGs), and SunGard Public Sector have been discussing the future of training and networking events over the last year.   During these conversations, it was decided to restructure how training events are organized as to better serve the needs of SUGA members and SunGard Public Sector customers.   Following are some details SUGA is moving forward with for the future.  Please be assured the core fundamentals we as SUGA members have come to expect from our organization and our training events will not change.  Excellent session content, shared costs and networking opportunities will still be the core focus of each training event whether it be a regional event or an international training event...

Please click here for more information and a copy of the proposed resolution.


All available presentations are located on the menu bar under the “Members” pull down menu.  The database includes all presentations provided by SunGard.  As the RUG year goes into 2014 any additional presentations that SunGard provides will be added.  To go directly to the presentations page <click here>.