About SUGA

Mission Statement

To provide assistance to SUGA members for the further education of software users of software application packages that support Public Safety & Justice, Community Development, Public Administration, and Educational Institutions.

(SUGA members eligible for assistance shall be defined as members who paid membership dues in any fiscal year spanning 2001 and after.)

Our Story

SUGA is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization. SUGA is a software Users’ Group dedicated to the support, education & training and professional networking of public sector organizations and employees. Originally formed in 1988 in support of a single software platform, SUGA has grown into an international users’ group.

Board of Directors

Consuela Wilson Director/Chair

Consuela Wilson is the Chesterfield County Financial Systems Coordinator, and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with 17 years of experience in Public Administration.

Aaron Bentley Director/Co-Chair

Aaron Bentley has worked for Salt Lake City for over 17 years and is currently the Director of Software Services.

Nanette Anderson Director

Nanette Anderson sits on the Board of Directors for the Rock Island County Emergency Telephone System Board. 

Evelyn Poness Director

Environmental health officers assess risk and develop, regulate, enforce and monitor laws and regulations governing public health for both the built and natural environment

Todd Spearman Director

Jose Palacios Staff Financial Coordinator/Accountant

James Dahl Staff Web Developer

SUGA is an organization made up of municipal application software users and was originally formed in 1988. Our goal is to further the continued improvement and expansion of SUGA’s educational and networking offerings.

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