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The three levels determine what level of access and security the account has.

– AGENCY, Holds information about your particular organization.  i.e. Agency Name, Address, Product Line, etc. All sub-accounts are also tied back to the Agency account.
– CONTACT, Has the ability to maintain all user accounts withing your organization (not Agency).  SUGA recommends at least two employees from your agency have contact accounts.
– USER, Used for each employee accounts.  These only have access to maintain the individual user account.

Each member organization has at least one person designated as the main SUGA “Contact” for that organization.  This person can grant member access.  The SUGA board cannot make access decisions for your organization.

You can update your personal information by logging into “My Account” with your “User” password.  If you have been assigned a “Contact” account you can also add and edit other users for your agency.  However, only SUGA board members can delete accounts.  If someone leaves your organization please send a notice to, and the Web Coordinator will inactivate the account.

Your training account is maintained by CentralSquare on their Training & Development system.  You can contact your CentralSquare representative for more information.

Simply send a request to Base information required is:

– Organization
– Name
– Address
– E-mail Address
– Phone Number

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Frequently Asked Questions