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Great News!

After two years of waiving fees, this year’s fee structure is almost 50% lower than in 2017. SUGA’s 2019/2020 membership fees are $100.00 (vs. $195.00 previously). The SUGA board has also elected to time fee payments with SUGA’s fiscal year vs. calendar year. Therefore, the membership year now runs from August 1st to July 31st. This change will better allow the board to tie annual revenues with expenses.


Beginning in 2019 SUGA there is a new process. Clicking on the “RENEW Today” button below will take you to a login page for updating your Agency account information. After logging in, updating the required data fields, and clicking on the yellow “UPDATE” button; you will be redirected to the renewal and membership fee payment form.

Thank you for your continued support of SUGA!

Your SUGA Board of Directors

Use the “RENEW Today” option to renew an existing Agency membership. This option is for your Agency account only, and not for creating your organization’s employee User accounts.

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